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Default Magnanite Quest - How to avoid losing ingots

Hey everyone,

Due to the recent and unusual amount of reports from users that seem to be losing ingots when trying to complete quests related to magnanite weapons, I'll proceed on releasing this mini-guide on how to NOT lose ingots, and what to do when it seems that they "disappeared" from our inventory.

The biggest problem shows up here:

When the magnanites are delivered to the NPC, they disappear from our inventory for obvious reasons.

It's at this point that the user must choose which weapon to forge in order to complete the quest.

However, there's a few ones that doubt about which weapon to choose, and decide to pick none, so they complete it later.

This is perfectly understandable, and by simply closing the quest window (the one with the magnanite weapons) the quest will remain at that point, so it can be continued in another playing session (after relogging). When doing this, you'll find yourself in this situation:

It's very important to mention that when you close the window the magnanites are NOT lost. If we relog and interact again with the npc, WITHOUT cancelling the quest, the weapon selection window will show up again, allowing us to complete the quest without any issues at all.

The problem comes when cancelling the adventure. Many users mistakenly believe that when cancelling the adventure the ingots will be given back to the user.
This kind of behavior does NOT occur with any other quest in the game in which you have to deliver something, and the fact that magnanite ingots are expensive or hard to obtain does NOT exclude them from that fact.

As in any other quest, if it's cancelled the progress WILL be lost. This may include losing magnanite ingots.
Avoid cancelling the quest if you already delivered the ingots, as there'll be no way you can retrieve them!

In case you've accidentally lost progress by cancelling the quest, you may contact Support for help.
However, it's strictly necessary to mention that only those reports that include video footage of the moment in which the ingots (shown in the inventory) are lost due to quest cancelling.
We understand that this may be annoying, but due to security reasons it has become fundamental to present such evidence that backs up the report.
Those cases that do not include the mentioned material will be dismissed, without any exceptions.

Important notes:

- This also perfectly applies to the lvl 55 magnanite quest.

- All those cases that have been submitted until yesterday will be received and solved during today. Those received from today on will be managed under this regulations.

- This regulation will prevail until the design, progress and gameplay of the mentioned quests is modified to avoid any kind of problems; and has as its unique function to prevent users from getting involved in complex Support issues where the veracity of the report is difficult to determine.

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