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Default Using the mouse for casting spells.

In a PVP, Duel or Mob killing if you are using the movement keys (wsadqe) and at the same time use the mouse to cast spells the movement gets stuck until the key is pressed again. It was quite funny the 1st time it happened to me, but it happend several times in all 3 of these senarios. I think this needs looking at


P.S. I was playing my barb at the time.
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Same problem with my hunter.
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This seem to happen virtually all time with the new system.
In RA it only happen occasionally, could be that im not used to the new system. Either way very annoying!
It so now you get stuck, spinning two direction, forward, backward and strafing in two direction, its more than a little hard to fix when it happens.

Btw is the 'spin' and stuck movement when freezed fixed?

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hunters have the save problem
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