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Originally Posted by hellscraem View Post
good times
Old good times, when breaking a gate was a challenge not a routine of attacking empty realms. All these ideas that were suppose to fix something, made just the problem even worst. I really miss the old Regnum, when it was fun and challenging. More people online, hunters were actually hunting in war-zone so it was always needed to grind in a group and have friends for grinding. Now hunters are so OP, they kill group solo, or like on Heaven no hunters at all, cause it's dead server. I miss barbs using 2H weapon, now it's so slow compared to other weapons, no one uses it, so half of items for that class are not used.
So easy to break gate and invade, empty realm can get invaded, there is no incentive to defend gate when outnumbered. There can't be any tactic now cause gate goes down so quick. Sad, but true.
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